A selection of goodies

A selection of goodies

Now that I have your attention…

I am happy to announce a new collaboration between SugarPunk Desserts (specifically, Chocolates) and the Hope Valley Bottle Shop!  HVBS will be the exclusive wine-based retailer for SugarPunk Chocolates in the Triangle area – so unless you’re ordering them from me, this is the place to go to get some chocolatey love.

HVBS is my local wine shop – the owners, Drew and Thomas, are friendly and knowledgeable about wine – we’ve never been disappointed with something they’ve recommended.  The shop has been around for about a year, and is located in the Woodcroft Shopping Center, in Durham.  They also have an interesting selection of beers – Jeff’s been in heaven trying new things.  🙂

To celebrate our new partnership, there will be a complimentary chocolate and wine tasting on Friday, April 17th from 5:30pm-8:00pm.

Come check out my new flavors (lineup not finalized yet), meet me and the bottle shop owners, and hang out with other fine chocolate devotees!

I also encourage you to check out the website, and sign up for the newsletter – HVBS has weekly wine tastings and many other interesting events coming up that you might enjoy!

Hope Valley Bottle Shop

Woodcroft Shopping Center
4711 Hope Valley Rd.
Durham,North Carolina

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but look soon to find treats such as raspberry-lemon tart, Chocolate-hazelnut brownies (oh my goodness), and more truffles!

Meanwhile, I had an appointment today with the owners of a local wine shop to do some chocolate tasting and talk about adding chocolates to their offerings – the meeting went very well, and it looks like I might be putting together an exclusive line of chocolates for them.  (Exclusive meaning not being offered at any other wine shops – if you want to buy them directly, you will certainly be able to).  Currently the thought is to put together a chocolate/wine tasting sometime in the next month or so – time to start brainstorming flavors!

So, dear readers, what flavors of chocolates would you pair with wine?  (and which wines)  I’m really drawn by spices and teas for flavorings – the earl grey truffle is amazing, and so is the organic peppermint (although I’m not so certain about the pairability of that one 🙂  ).  I’m also a huge cardamom fan.  Would love to hear what you think!

(and keep your fingers crossed about this collaboration – I’m really excited!)