It’s been a day of kitchen disappointments, or at least frustrations.

Have spent way too much time over the past few days covered in chocolate, working on truffles.  You guys better appreciate this 🙂  I hate being covered in chocolate, despite sounding yummy.  I don’t like stuff on my skin like that.  And the cleanup!  oy.

At the kitchen tonight, first thing that went wrong was that only one of my pastry cream/custards set up (Rose’s recipe, of course.  Go Rose.)  So the Boston Creme Pie is a little… sqooshy.  Nothing the freezer can’t fix…

Then, the white chocolate ganache I was going to frost the Strawberry Butter cake with broke.  What is it with ganaches breaking lately?  Ended up making a double batch of cream cheese frosting and just using that.  Which left me scrambling a bit to put together the strawberry tarts (had planned on using the ganache as a base), but I managed.  Rose’s banana cream pie reimagined as pielets looks reallllly yummy, though!

Then, re-acquainted myself with the fact that knives are still sharp underwater.  (Someone had pitched all of the washing-up gloves, and I couldn’t find more, so I was washing bare-handed.)  *sigh*

Time for bed, I think.