It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but look soon to find treats such as raspberry-lemon tart, Chocolate-hazelnut brownies (oh my goodness), and more truffles!

Meanwhile, I had an appointment today with the owners of a local wine shop to do some chocolate tasting and talk about adding chocolates to their offerings – the meeting went very well, and it looks like I might be putting together an exclusive line of chocolates for them.  (Exclusive meaning not being offered at any other wine shops – if you want to buy them directly, you will certainly be able to).  Currently the thought is to put together a chocolate/wine tasting sometime in the next month or so – time to start brainstorming flavors!

So, dear readers, what flavors of chocolates would you pair with wine?  (and which wines)  I’m really drawn by spices and teas for flavorings – the earl grey truffle is amazing, and so is the organic peppermint (although I’m not so certain about the pairability of that one 🙂  ).  I’m also a huge cardamom fan.  Would love to hear what you think!

(and keep your fingers crossed about this collaboration – I’m really excited!)