Hence the shortage of yummy posts (and pictures):

1. Making lots and lots (dozens) of pie crusts.  Not inherently interesting, although I have finally figured out how to make pretty edges, so I might blog that at some point for others who were just as molding-challenged as I was/am.


2. Earning my certification as an American Red Cross Instructor for Lay Responder First Aid, Adult and Child CPR/AED, and Infant CPR.  This is a four-day course (eight hours a day, ugh!) that was really intense and sort of scary, at the end of which I am now authorized to teach lay responders (that would be most of you folks!) how to give CPR in an emergency, or use an AED, or apply the principles of Standard First Aid.

And on that note, may I recommend/suggest that if you have someone in your family that already has everything in the way of stuff that they need, that you consider giving them the gift of training?  Your local Red Cross chapter will sell you a certificate for training classes that can be used at the person’s convenience, and they can learn about things like:

-Adult, Child, and Infant CPR (If you are around other people at all ever, or have kids, you should take this course)

-Basic water safety or lifeguarding

-Standard First Aid (dealing with, basically, breaks and bleeding and heat/cold related emergencies).

-Pet First Aid (you laugh, but for a lot of people, especially older people, their pets are as close if not closer than family – so knowing what to do to help extend their life in an emergency would be a really useful skill and a comfort)

-Babysitting skills (this is aimed at the 11-15 market, obviously)


If you think training’s not the thing, most folks don’t have basic first aid supplies on hand, so those are always good too.  Just sayin’.

So, now it’s back to baking – and more posting!